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I like excuses + ETA 2

As most of you have probably realized, I have not updated in quite some time. I've gone way over the 2 months time period, and for this I am sorry. I have pictures for the next chapter ready, but I'm not happy at all with what I have. After much discussion on yahoo with June (junebug_13 ) I have decided to clone the hood in order to re-shoot what I need. This mean I'll also be switching to my new-ish default skin tones, so the sims will look a little different.

In other news I am also changing one of the rules for the RRL. Since I have gone over the allotted time (and I am usually pretty decent at getting out updates), I have decided that two months will not be enough time for some people. People like me, for instance. From this point on you guys will have as much time as you need to do your turn, as long as it is evident that you are making some progress.

June and Chip are also switching turns, because Chip's computer borked and he needs to re-install his games & CC on his new one.

So, yeah, that's all I have to say. Hopefully you guys will forgive me for being a shitty RRL maintainer/updater. I do plan to do more work on it tonight, and maybe I'll have a new update out for you guys soon.

ETA 1: So I got to work on re-shooting some of chapter 3 tonight (as promised), and I managed to get a fair bit of work done. I've got 4 out of the 9 scenes shot, and I plan to do some more shooting tomorrow.

ETA 2: Added a few more scenes to help with the flow of the chapter. There's now 11 scenes in total, and I've finished shooting 7.

Ava - Chapter 2

Ava - Chapter 1

Well look who finally got around to posting the first RRL chapter. :P I do apologize for the delay, I've been writing important assignments at school that are worth 305 of my final mark, and if I had tried to write something it would have been really, really shitty. This chapter's pretty short, and things happens pretty quickly, because most of the time I was just trying to keep our founder alive and out of bankruptcy. There will be more plot and stuff as the story goes on, though, so don't worry.

Anyways, onto the chapter! :D



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Introduction time :)

Hi everyone! Chippy (chippetg ) and I have recently started  a round robin legacy. It will not be replacing any of our current stories, and will hopefully not replace any stories written by the other players. We have come up with some guidelines/rules which I will be sharing now.

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